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July 24th
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9:34 pm


Valeska Soares - Duet, 2008 - hand-carved marble

July 24th
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7:15 pm

im fillin in the lil gap between my teeth you guys

July 24th
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5:14 pm

i like

July 24th
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4:45 pm

i just really love toronto

July 22nd
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7:18 pm

im going to a restaurant tomorrow where you eat in pitch black and can’t see anything

July 21st
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9:07 pm

July 21st
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July 20th
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Perry Ellis 1992

July 20th
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10:02 am

(by Unitleidt)

July 20th
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12:18 am

near the end of one more day (by Roman Okhotnikov aka 2006romka)