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July 27th
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8:45 pm

i need to remind myself that social media makes it seem like friends need to be in contact 24/7 to be true friends but that’s not true at all

July 27th
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8:11 pm

Chimes - Hudson Mohawke 

July 27th
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11:15 am


study women | be studied

July 27th
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1:41 am

if having a crush on someone means smiling uncontrollably every time i see them and thinking about them constantly count me OUT i hate this

July 27th
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1:16 am

i just watched saving mr. banks and cried my eyes out

July 26th
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9:17 pm

ya i was cute last night

July 26th
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6:37 pm

my favourite place

July 26th
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10:02 am

July 25th
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6:27 pm

i just found so many of my old computer games like zoo tycoon and carmen sandiego and clue finders and freddie fish and i really just wanna lock myself away and play them 

July 25th
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5:43 pm
Anonymous: hey! what theme do you use?

it’s called dandelion by shannon